A treatment platform based on the INMEST technology


Abilion’s product system delivering the INMEST treatment consists of a handheld controller and a mobile app for the patient. Clincians use a treatment management system to monitor and guide their patients online. The system is built for convenient and self-administered home-treatment, typically to be used 3 times per week.

Selected features of Abilion’s product system

Handheld treatment device

  • The device consists of a controller and a disposable, slim and soft catheter.
  • No electrical cables or connectors as the battery is charged wirelessly.
  • Bluetooth connection permits interaction with mobile app.
  • Internal treatment log enables analysis of actual usage.

    Mobile app

    • Provide patients overview of their personal treatment plan and how it progresses.
    • Reminds patients of next treatment and encourages compliance.
    • Track patient symptoms over time with questionnaires.
    • Transfers treatment logs from the handheld controller to a cloud platform and the Treatment Management System.
    • Facilitate contact with clinician and product support.

    Cloud-based treatment management system

    • Let clinicians setup and adjust their patients’ treatment schedule individually.
    • Choice of patient questionnaires to present in the mobile app (diseases symptoms, sleep, pain, etc).
    • Follow-up individually on how patients’ treatment progress, based on controller logs and patient questionnaires.
    • General user and patient administration with role-based access controls.